An Ode (in prose) to the Lowly Apron

I’ve just got to tell you how much I like aprons! Having given up a while ago justifying how I dress I am free to gush about aprons and not have to feel the need to make any of this logical. Now, I will tell you that I have had a drawer full of aprons that I inherited from my mother, aunt, and grandmother ever since we were married in 1978, actually maybe even from before that. I would get them out to wear for canning, and clothed the little kids in them when they did the dishes or when they helped me can tomatoes or peaches, and occasionally I would wear them for regular cooking. But I never considered wearing one out of the kitchen! The aprons I inherited were made mostly by my grandmother for herself, my aunt, and a few for my mother. I know my mother NEVER wore them, but a fond memory for me is my┬ásmiling 5-foot tall grandmother in her apron greeting us when we came to visit in the summers. For me aprons spell comfort, domesticity, love and food all wrapped up in a grandmother. The aprons she made were mostly 1940’s style and in various calicos with bias tape edges. One is bright red calico, just comes to the knee and has a ruffled edge. That one is not very grandmotherly. My favorites are longer and more plain on the front, without ruffles, but with big pockets. Oh, and the best one is reversible with two different fabrics so it can be reversed quickly when the door bell rings! Continue reading


Truly seeking to be led – are we?

First of all I just want to say hello to my readers whom I have been missing! Life has been very much one day at a time here as we have taken my 93-year old mother into our home to care for. As with many aspects of life it was not something I ever imagined myself doing, but here I am and we are doing it! There are good days and not so good, but as long as I remember Who is leading and who is following (Aye, there’s the rub!) I am fine and it is in fact good and a joy! So this is all by way of explaining my long absence.

My second excuse for not posting earlier is that about a month ago I did in fact write up a post and had it all ready to go and it disappeared (!!!) As I believe my posts are being put out there with God’s blessing I take it as a bad sign when a post for some reason doesn’t make it. Either what I was saying was not the best, was not edifying, or more likely, was just not needed so I can accept that sudden “edit” (not that I didn’t fume for a while first, though!)

Given the circumstances of my life right now, being obedient to leadings is uppermost in my mind! This is of course a theme that recurs in my life over and over, or rather never goes away. I continue to feel it is the single most important lesson I have to learn before I pass out of this life on Earth! For years I have felt the word obedience held a key for me. In my Bible I see that years ago I underlined every incidence of the word obedience, or obey, in the New Testament. It intrigued me way back, long before I understood what I would be obedient to! Continue reading

Weeds in our Spiritual Gardens

I have been weeding our vegetable garden beds in preparation for planting. In the past I have become very impatient with this process and would use any means (heavy mulch, prayer..) to avoid the tedium of pulling or digging out every weed. But this year it hit me that I would not have such a heavy load of weeding in the next year if I would calm down, focus, and take the time to do a really good job this year!

I also had a spiritual opening related to weeding! Imagine that! God showed me that meticulous attention must be focused on my personal sins and shortcomings as well. How many of us go along feeling we are “good enough” – or “at least we are not as bad as others we know or have heard of.” Sure we get angry, and maybe yell, and are impatient, self-centered sometimes, maybe say things we regret, put ourselves above others sometimes and so on. But maybe this is good enough? Is there such a thing as “good enough?” Continue reading